Huedeck is your very own Personal Home Stylist that helps you find the best matching items for your home.

What does Huedeck Stand for?

Hue standing for color and Deck for decoration, Huedeck has perfected the technology that matters most in home design, matching the colors. Huedeck is the first online store that helps you find the exact furniture that fits best. Matching every item in your house with our patented color palette technology. It is Huedeck's mission to relieve your stress, save you time and money, and bring wonderful designs to your home, with care of harmony.

Why we started Huedeck?

When our founders, Jin & Niya, bought their first home in 2017, they ran into a major problem. "How are we going to decorate it?!" Today, online furniture stores offer so many choices, but there's no clear direction. Furnishing is like a giant puzzle if you do not have the designer's sense. You never know if what you're buying will match your room or even worse, compromise the other furniture in it. Sometimes, it's the wrong shade of color or wrong style completely. And who has the money to pay a designer thousands to get it right? They found this out firsthand as they spent months going from store to store, just to decorate a single room!

The Solution from Huedeck

Your very own Personal Home Stylist, all at the touch of your fingertips. With major advancements in technology, Jin & Niya find out that you can get help designing your room in seconds. With full control over exactly what you want. No more spending hours looking through furniture stores, or hoping that the color matches your home. Designing your room has never been easier, with one simple click. With this knowledge in hand, they founded Huedeck.

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